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[Profile] Kudo Taiki

Kudou Taiki 工藤大輝:@Da_iCE_TAIKI
dance, choreography, song writing, lyrics
recently also vocals
Hokkaido, Otaru city
Bloodtype: B
left handed
Leader (?)
He's been friends with Nishijima Takahiro for a long time already. His junior. Thinks of him as his older brother. Approx 7 years ago ('11) when he was in high-school he always followed him but Nissy was always ahead so he swore that he won't stop pursuing him till they were standing at the same place/position. Without Nissy he wouldn't be were he's now

AKA Claquepot (name he uses for songwriting)
Fave music: school food punishment
Anime otaku
Is not good with masses of people
Spends more time in than out
Da-iCE's fashion leader, helps out the stuff with his ideas, total anime nerd and maniac
He writes songs, he dances, he acts, quite a multiplayer
Acted with Toru and Sota in Ouji no Ai kotoba.
Because his closet is small he sells his old clothes and buys new ones
10.06.2011 shooting as a hairmodel
Interests: anime, music, clothes, cake
Favorite drink at Starbucks ('11): Vanilla Cream Frappucchino
His favorite software for composing songs is LOGIC
Favourite manga: HunterxHunter
clothes from:
.efiLevol (

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