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29 September 2012 @ 11:12 am

Kudou Taiki 工藤大輝:@Da_iCE_TAIKI
dance, choreography, song writing, lyrics
recently also vocals
Hokkaido, Otaru city
Bloodtype: B
left handed
Leader (?)
He's been friends with Nishijima Takahiro for a long time already. His junior. Thinks of him as his older brother. Approx 7 years ago ('11) when he was in high-school he always followed him but Nissy was always ahead so he swore that he won't stop pursuing him till they were standing at the same place/position. Without Nissy he wouldn't be were he's now

AKA Claquepot (name he uses for songwriting)
Fave music: school food punishment
Anime otaku
Is not good with masses of people
Spends more time in than out
Da-iCE's fashion leader, helps out the stuff with his ideas, total anime nerd and maniac
He writes songs, he dances, he acts, quite a multiplayer
Acted with Toru and Sota in Ouji no Ai kotoba.
Because his closet is small he sells his old clothes and buys new ones
10.06.2011 shooting as a hairmodel
Interests: anime, music, clothes, cake
Favorite drink at Starbucks ('11): Vanilla Cream Frappucchino
His favorite software for composing songs is LOGIC
Favourite manga: HunterxHunter
clothes from:
.efiLevol (

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08 September 2012 @ 11:44 pm
Hanamura So-ta 花村想太:@Da_iCE_SOTA
vocals, dance, song writing
Tokyo (Hyogo-ken origin)
167cm 52kg
Bloodtype: A
・ Won the a special award at a-motion'07. A-motion'08 Grand prix shining star.
・ Favourite artist: Stevie Wonder and Kubota Toshinobu
・ Lesson history: 1,5 years jazz, 1 year Hip Hop, 1,5 years vocals, 4 years acting,
・ Favourite sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer
・ Hobbies: weight training, dancing, comedy, mimicry(monomane), sit-ups,
・ Favourite music; Kubota Toshinobu
・ his older sister is married
・ self-proclaimed chief of the PR department of Da-iCE
・ he has a fantastic voice. It's not perfect but it stays in people's hearts.

Q&A from AmebaCollapse )
01 September 2012 @ 01:23 pm

Wonderful news for us fans !
Today, on the 1st of September, Avex opened Da-iCE's official website ! ♥


Clicon the picture to go to the website.



27 August 2012 @ 11:25 pm
Hi everyone, I scanned the Da-iCE pages from the Junon October 2012 issue! :)
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05 August 2012 @ 10:34 am

Name: Ohno Yuudai 大野雄大(おおの・ゆうだい)
Twitter: @Da_iCE_UDAI
DOB: 01.04.1989
Origin: Aichi-ken
Tasks: vocals, dance, song writing. leader
・ Member of the acapella group Fukkingakuen 腹筋学園
・ Appeared in a minor role on the tv-drama [Asuko March]
・ Sang in the back-chorus for Wagadanna of Shonan no Kaze
・ Member of the avex artist academy in Tokyo.
・ Nickname: Yudai, Yuukun, kinpatsu (blondie)
・ Character: high-awareness, responsible, reliable, spontanious, foolish

Q&A corner translated from AmebaCollapse )
23 July 2012 @ 08:15 am

Da-iCE (ダイス-daisu)
Their name, which Yudai came up with, means dice and is also pronounced like that.
Da stands for Dance. In the middle a-i stands for love (ai 愛)

Their former group-name was [BLACKOUT].
But due to the negative conotation of this word nowadays, especially in context of what had happened during the Great Tohoku Earthquake 2011, they've changed the name to [Da-iCE].

On their official ameba blog no activities under the name of BLACKOUT can be found but they've started activities as Da-iCE in March/April 2011, and their first live on the 21st April '11 in VUENOS TOKYO, Shibuya. Actually, the show had been scheduled to the 29. March but it had been postponed.

♪MEMBERS♪ (ameba '11)
Name: So-ta
Task: Vocal& Dance& Song writing
Character: hates to lose, enthusiastic
Vocal Range: high tones, fake

Name: Toru
Task: Dance& Information/PR
Character: Calm, btw. Comedy is OK, but intellectual
Dance Style: thoroughly and fair

Name: Taiki
Task: Dance& Choreo& Song writing, Lyrics& Style
Character: Almighty. Genius.
Dance Style: really sexy, passionate dance

Name: Hayate
Task: Dance& Choreo& Song writing
Character: cool. Shy. Dancing fool
Dance Style: jazz with the vigor of youth and magnificence

Name: Yudai
Task: Vocal& Dance& Song writing
Character: Spontanious. Foolish, but reliable leader.
Vocal Range: sweet, heart-striking powerful voice

Name: Staff
Task: Guidance& Scholding
Age: 2X
Character: Thinking about the members. Taking action-type.Scary lol
Dance quality: Actually a former house dancer. Also got to lead the members.

♪Group Trivia Collection♪
- Every member including the staff has an iPhone (by Sota)
- some of their stage outfits are by NUBIAN in Nagano
- respecting Shaun Evaristo (made choreographs for e.g BIGBANG, AAA etc.), had a workshop with Da-iCE
- Da-iCE had a workshop with Lando Wilkins
- Staff loves BIGBANG, even befor the Korea Boom

This page will be updated constantly, so check it out every once in a while~