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[Video] せつなくて (Da-iCE PHASE1) + Random News

Are there still people around there ? I think we completely neglected this community.
First things first, you can join the fan page/fan group/whatever it is called on facebook which is updated by many fans all around the world, so the news might spread quicker on that page than here (though I'll try to update more here as well).

In case you don't know it yet, there's also the tumblr blog (related to this community), which I maintain, which might be so far one of the most regularly updated (I think the Thailand facebook page might be as well, though I don't check -and it's all in thaï so... xD).
I don't always post every single news (like their various lives SWISH, etc. which most of us most likely can't attend anyway) but I try to post all big news as soon as they're announced.

As I'm too lazy to post all the last news (some of which might be already outdated anyways), I'll let you check either the official website, either the multiple facebook pages, either the tumblr mentioned above. :D

Quick reminder though.

Da-iCE is currently touring Japan with their one-man tour Da-iCE PHASE1


And as I'm mentioning I'll be back, remember the b-side せつなくて which doesn't have an official preview as far as I know.
Well, there's a video from the 5/29 live (yesterday) with this song. Enjoy ! ↓

In case you'd be wondering where this video comes from, from what I figured out, fans are allowed to take pics and videos for one particular song on each tour date. For the previous ones it had been Stand, but that last one, it was せつなくて.

Also, if you missed it, Sota and Yudai are featuring one song titled My generation in the upcoming mini-album of Vimclip. You can hear that song in the last だんぜん!!LIVE.

Also, I think it's nice to mention that it looks like they're becoming regular in Junon magazine (well, they've been in all issues since February or March so, sounds pretty regular to me).

Ah, one last thing, before people start asking this. You can find links for everything mentioned above (videos in particular) on the tumblr, which, as I remind you, I update more because I spend my life on tumblr.
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