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[Lyric] Da-iCE - SPLASH (English Ver.)

~ Da-iCE - SPLASH (English Ver.) ~

Wowowowowo... SPLASH!! (x4)

1,2 Step, Keep going with a flow
Let's start this, cuz I know you fell the urge
Just choose one
There are a million ways to give it to you
Just take it, take it low
Tell me how to freak your right
Never let you go
Put your body on me
Baby, Baby Girl
You don't know what's been hiding inside of you
So keep on coming up

Here we go!

* So we can step up let me rock your world
   Never stoppin till you say 'No more'
   Here we go now, Here we, Here we go now
   So you can step up
   Give me some more love
   Touch your body, make you say 'Oh oh'
   Here we go now, Here we, Here we go now

   Wowowowowo... SPLASH!! (x4)

Don't you know you're the one keeping me alive
Baby you're like an angel that came to life
Every day, Every Night
I just keep thinking 'bout you girl
Get many many more
Use to think that you need me
I came to realize, I'm the one that's is needing you
Baby, Baby Girl
Come on, now it's your turn to ear me alive
Just keep on coming up

Here we go!

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Minna~.. If you had account Facebook.
Please join with us in Da-iCE International Fans Club : http://www.facebook.com/groups/329848010447945/
That is the second group in the facebook world.
The first is Da-iCE Fans Indonesia. :D
This is the link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/daicefansindonesia/

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