jeni_jenz (jeni_jenz) wrote in da_ice,

[Special] Merry Christmas!

Dear members,

Christmas is near~★
Got all presents together or is the weekend the rescue for some last minute shopping?
In what way are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?

As for the community, I thought of a nice present for you!
But it'll be a surprise, so here I'm not going to tell what it is.

Until the 24th of December, comment with a Merry Christmas greeting, or tell me about your Christmas, or what you'll be having for dinner on Christmas Eve, or how you like Taikimen's beard, etc.
and I'm gonna send you the present by private message~
(please make sure that your PMs are enabled when you comment. thx~
I'll send the presents out until the 26th, after that I won't be online for a week, so if you comment after the 26th you might have to wait a little)

Tags: christmas, special

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