November 1st, 2012


[News] One-man tour & Announcement


It's not that new anymore, but still I wanted to bring these news up!


2013/1/10 @Nagoya E.L.L.    start 18:30   end 19:00

2013/1/11 @Osaka BIGCAT    start 18:00  end 19:00

2013/1/18 @Shibuya O-EAST   start 18:00  end 19:00

and today during their appearance on USTREAM they mentioned an important announcement next week on USTREAM!
I'm really excited about these news! Btw. during the livebroadcast Da-iCE noticed a user from Bulgaria tweeting to them.
People in the chatbox began talking about international Da-iCE fans! That's something and it's good, I guess!
I was a little late for the broadcast so I didn't catch everything they said.
But they playedStand at the end!

So, next week on Wednesday, 20:30~ on their official USTREAM Channel
special announcement! Let's see what it it! (debut, please!!)