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[Profile] Hanamura Sota

Hanamura So-ta 花村想太:@Da_iCE_SOTA
vocals, dance, song writing
Tokyo (Hyogo-ken origin)
167cm 52kg
Bloodtype: A
・ Won the a special award at a-motion'07. A-motion'08 Grand prix shining star.
・ Favourite artist: Stevie Wonder and Kubota Toshinobu
・ Lesson history: 1,5 years jazz, 1 year Hip Hop, 1,5 years vocals, 4 years acting,
・ Favourite sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer
・ Hobbies: weight training, dancing, comedy, mimicry(monomane), sit-ups,
・ Favourite music; Kubota Toshinobu
・ his older sister is married
・ self-proclaimed chief of the PR department of Da-iCE
・ he has a fantastic voice. It's not perfect but it stays in people's hearts.

Q&A from Ameba 24/10/2011:

○ Favourite artist
Full of Harmony, Usher

○ Favourite dancers:
S**tkingz, Shaun Evaristo

○ Favourite food
Natto, eggs, gum, candy

○ Obsessed with
Rebroadcasts of Furuhataninzaburo

○ Favourite type
A person with a pretty smile, a person who can be nice to people

○ Height: 167cm
○ Weight: 56kg
○ Shoesize: 24cm
○ Ringsize: ?size
○ Eyesight: right 0.05, left 0.07
○ Grip of the hand: right 54kg, right 43kg
○ Body fat percentage: 7,5%
○ Standard score: ???
by the way for the 50m run at the time when I was in third class of middle school was 6.5 seconds \(//∇//)\

Your own nicknames
there aren't any! So anyone, please be so kind and come up with one and I'll be awaiting the natural establishment of it! lol

can't keep calm, I'm always singing or dancing.

○ Do you have a girlfriend?
Nope, I don't have wan.
I'm da person who waits.

○ First love episode
What I can clearly remember is from the second year of elementary school on there was this girl that I always liked--!

○ If you were reborn as one of the members
If I was an option, definetly me! ! ! No one else but me, you know! lol
If not, Toru-kun!
Cuz he's a kind guy with a big heart! !
I wanna become such an adult.

○ The secret of following your dreams?
It's thanks to my family

○ Things you always carry with you?
Wallet, mobile phone

○ Do you own a pet?
A doggy! Rion-chan

○ Seniors you respect?
They are really professional and cool.
Miura Daichi-san

○ Treasures
A watch, a backpack, and earrings, I guess! !
Further, effort! ! … cold! lol

○ Family structure
Father, mother, older sister, younger sister, doggy

From now on there will be comprehensive questions or individual questions!

○ Would you come to Ishikawa-ken?
One day I'll definitely go! !

○ Details about the members
Da-iCE is a team that has been chosen by our staff-san from all kinds of areas! lol

○ The composer of Da-iCE
Because of adult cirumstances I can't name the details here, so please wait until I'll get an OK from our staff-san (T . T)

○ What was your motif to aim for becoming a singer?
When I was on a field trip in middle school I got to sing the encore!

○ The formation day
The same day when I decided to go to Tokyo,
January 17th.
On that day the name had been decided and we departed!

○ If you'd be invited to a school festival, would you come?
I'd certainly like to go! ! I'll be waiting for offers!

○ Favourite subjects
P.E., music

○ Do you go to karaoke?
Lately I'm not going at all, you know... (T . T)

○ What are you singing?
Depends on time and place, you know?
When I'm serious, it's western music only!

○ Image colours
I think the image colours might be different, but the shoes of our costumes became five colours
Yudai = yellow
Sota = red
Taiki = blue
Toru = purple
Hayate = orange

○ Favourite words
Number 1
I believe I can fly

Sources: Ameba blog entries

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