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[Mod Post] Revamp (kind of)

Hi guys! If there are still some members following us around here, I'm really sorry for the lack of posts. Like I said last time I posted (I think), I've been mostly updating on Tumblr (and even there, quite irregularly).

I'm back to using LJ (mostly for communities, but that's a start) so I will try to post here as well. Also, I'm going to revamp the layout because this one really annoys me. XD

Also, I have many downloads for you guys. And I may create a new community specifically for those so that it would be clean and organized. But I'd post updates to here whenever new things are uploaded.

Well, I have many projects in terms of fandoms, but I'm not sure if I'm gonna have enough time to do everything.


[Video] せつなくて (Da-iCE PHASE1) + Random News

Are there still people around there ? I think we completely neglected this community.
First things first, you can join the fan page/fan group/whatever it is called on facebook which is updated by many fans all around the world, so the news might spread quicker on that page than here (though I'll try to update more here as well).

In case you don't know it yet, there's also the tumblr blog (related to this community), which I maintain, which might be so far one of the most regularly updated (I think the Thailand facebook page might be as well, though I don't check -and it's all in thaï so... xD).
I don't always post every single news (like their various lives SWISH, etc. which most of us most likely can't attend anyway) but I try to post all big news as soon as they're announced.

As I'm too lazy to post all the last news (some of which might be already outdated anyways), I'll let you check either the official website, either the multiple facebook pages, either the tumblr mentioned above. :D

Quick reminder though.

Da-iCE is currently touring Japan with their one-man tour Da-iCE PHASE1


And as I'm mentioning I'll be back, remember the b-side せつなくて which doesn't have an official preview as far as I know.
Well, there's a video from the 5/29 live (yesterday) with this song. Enjoy ! ↓

Collapse )

[Lyric] Da-iCE - SPLASH (English Ver.)

~ Da-iCE - SPLASH (English Ver.) ~

Wowowowowo... SPLASH!! (x4)

1,2 Step, Keep going with a flow
Let's start this, cuz I know you fell the urge
Just choose one
There are a million ways to give it to you
Just take it, take it low
Tell me how to freak your right
Never let you go
Put your body on me
Baby, Baby Girl
You don't know what's been hiding inside of you
So keep on coming up

Here we go!

* So we can step up let me rock your world
   Never stoppin till you say 'No more'
   Here we go now, Here we, Here we go now
   So you can step up
   Give me some more love
   Touch your body, make you say 'Oh oh'
   Here we go now, Here we, Here we go now

   Wowowowowo... SPLASH!! (x4)

Don't you know you're the one keeping me alive
Baby you're like an angel that came to life
Every day, Every Night
I just keep thinking 'bout you girl
Get many many more
Use to think that you need me
I came to realize, I'm the one that's is needing you
Baby, Baby Girl
Come on, now it's your turn to ear me alive
Just keep on coming up

Here we go!

(Back to *)

Minna~.. If you had account Facebook.
Please join with us in Da-iCE International Fans Club : http://www.facebook.com/groups/329848010447945/
That is the second group in the facebook world.
The first is Da-iCE Fans Indonesia. :D
This is the link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/daicefansindonesia/

[Special] Merry Christmas!

Dear members,

Christmas is near~★
Got all presents together or is the weekend the rescue for some last minute shopping?
In what way are you going to celebrate Christmas this year?

As for the community, I thought of a nice present for you!
But it'll be a surprise, so here I'm not going to tell what it is.

Until the 24th of December, comment with a Merry Christmas greeting, or tell me about your Christmas, or what you'll be having for dinner on Christmas Eve, or how you like Taikimen's beard, etc.
and I'm gonna send you the present by private message~
(please make sure that your PMs are enabled when you comment. thx~
I'll send the presents out until the 26th, after that I won't be online for a week, so if you comment after the 26th you might have to wait a little)


[News] ORICON ranking

Da-iCE made it to the 15th spot on the daily album ranking on the ORICON charts!

I think it's a really good archivement considering that their album had been available through HMV/Lawson only!

(I hope I can find a number of how many copies they've sold)

[News] Da-iCE ranked in 1st place on Recochoku

Splash has magnificently made it to the top of yesterday's daily ranking on Recochoku's download charts!

Recochoku is a site hosting so called chakuuta that are songs you can download to your cellphone.
For those interested in the other 4.
2) LGYankees - Hidarite ni saita ringu
3) Yamaguchi Risa - Zutto isshoni...
4) Daichi Miura - Right Now (♪)
5) Luna - Ikanaide... orbit.WISE

I'm looking forward to the Oricon Charts with Splash ranking 1st place on Recochoku already!

Source: http://recochoku.jp/recochoku_ranking/

[News] Important announcement!

(I'm sorry,  I was wrong with the broadcasting date last week..)
Just now their USTREAM live broadcast had ended and they announced something really important this time:

12th December, 2012: release date of their first minialbum!!

Finally it's there! I couldn't catch all of it, but it seems that it'll only be available on HMV or via Lawson so far.
But I'll keep my eyes open for further information.

Da-iCE - Da-iCE 1,500 Yen

  • New day
  • Splash
  • Umbrella
  • FIVE
  • Stand

【First press bonus】
※a different jacket-design compared to the normal version
※7inch paper-jacket

[News] One-man tour & Announcement


It's not that new anymore, but still I wanted to bring these news up!


2013/1/10 @Nagoya E.L.L.    start 18:30   end 19:00

2013/1/11 @Osaka BIGCAT    start 18:00  end 19:00

2013/1/18 @Shibuya O-EAST   start 18:00  end 19:00

and today during their appearance on USTREAM they mentioned an important announcement next week on USTREAM!
I'm really excited about these news! Btw. during the livebroadcast Da-iCE noticed a user from Bulgaria tweeting to them.
People in the chatbox began talking about international Da-iCE fans! That's something and it's good, I guess!
I was a little late for the broadcast so I didn't catch everything they said.
But they playedStand at the end!

So, next week on Wednesday, 20:30~ on their official USTREAM Channel
special announcement! Let's see what it it! (debut, please!!)