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21 July 2012 @ 09:04 am
[sticky post] [Welcome] Let's roll the Da-iCE  
Welcome to the first international fan community of Da-iCE!
(we are not affiliated/associated to Da-iCE nor avex)
Find updates, infos, pictures, translations and more about Da-iCE here
and contribute your own share of Da-iCE l♥ve.
Check us out on Tumblr: Roll the Da-iCE and Da-iCE Gallery

Please keep in mind the following rules:
- entries must be related to Da-iCE
- respect your fellow members
- no bashing, flaming or disrespectful posts and comments please
- no spamming (try using cuts)

Need any help? Feel free to contact the admins:
jeni_jenz or silystya