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11 December 2012 @ 10:17 am
[News] Da-iCE ranked in 1st place on Recochoku  
Splash has magnificently made it to the top of yesterday's daily ranking on Recochoku's download charts!

Recochoku is a site hosting so called chakuuta that are songs you can download to your cellphone.
For those interested in the other 4.
2) LGYankees - Hidarite ni saita ringu
3) Yamaguchi Risa - Zutto isshoni...
4) Daichi Miura - Right Now (♪)
5) Luna - Ikanaide... orbit.WISE

I'm looking forward to the Oricon Charts with Splash ranking 1st place on Recochoku already!

Source: http://recochoku.jp/recochoku_ranking/
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